Ready to Ride

by May Armstrong

So far, ride for the future has been a very eye opening experience. Everyone involved in the program is both inspiring and dedicated. I’ve learned soo much from not only all the panels that we’ve been to, but also from hearing stories and experiences from everyone else on the team. We did a conflict resolution training directed by Peter Trolio, but so far we have an excellent group dynamic with zero conflicts. Everyone has been doing a great job with getting to know each other and branching out from people that they might have already known in the group. Our schedule has been VERY busy and we have had issues with keeping to our schedule, but that has only made the experience that much more interesting. The lack of sleep might be getting to some of us though… I have been getting the sleepy sillies as early as 7:00 sometimes. But even with our lack of sleep and failure to keep track of time, I have learned more in these past few days than I ever thought that I would. My team inspires me every day and I couldn’t be happier with my decision to work for the amazing team of Ride for the Future! 


One thought on “Ready to Ride

  1. Hats off to Ride for the Future. It is inspiring to see such a consciencious effort to save such a vital resource.

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