The Ten Oil and Gas Commandments

(by Lisa Purdy)

This post was inspired by our visit with Kathy, Steve, and Sierra DaSilva, who spent the afternoon with us, sharing the story of when a natural gas drill went awry, causing a “frack-out” and tragically polluted an ancient creek running through their land.


  1. If you’re not prepared to clean it up, don’t dig it up.
  2. Encourage regulations.
  3. You can’t cover your face and disappear, and you can’t fudge test results and have clean water.
  4. Fossil fuel subsidies add insult to injury.
  5. Remember that leaks are wastes of money that ruin lives.
  6. Don’t trust technology to create new soil. It took Nature millions of years to get it down.
  7. Dilution is not the solution to pollution.
  8. The media’s “liberal bias” has a strangely “fiscally conservative” tilt.
  9. The tower of Babel will always fall.
  10. Do unto others what you would have done unto you. Hydrofrack and cause an earthquake, and I will break your house in half.



One thought on “The Ten Oil and Gas Commandments

  1. I absolutely love the DaSilva family! Even though I haven’t seen them for years, they live in my heart and are very precious to me. Sierra, Kathy & Steve, thanks so much for taking the time to be with this amazing group as a result of your connection to Sarah. – Shari

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