Ride For The Future’s Undenying Love for Whole Foods

Whole Foods has been one of our main fuel sources along our journey in terms of grub. We have not been able to purchase food from the store because we are on a rigid $55 dollars a day food budget, but we have received food donations from them and have graciously devoured every delicious parcel given to us. They have been the only grocery store we have found to carry quality almond butter (a great alternative to peanut butter!) and my new favorite type of bread, seeduction. Blair really enjoys the variety of food Whole Foods carries. Lisa shared that the coconut water, which was donated to us from the Whole Foods at Woodway in Houston, was very refreshing. Coconut water is nature’s purest Gatorade, it automatically hydrates your body! Sarah, our nutritional guru, states that Whole Foods food is wholesome (no pun intended ha) and because it is true food it gives us natural endurance. All the donated fruits and veggies have been certified organic and have tasted fresh and clean. It’s a great feeling knowing that what you are eating is the real deal. It hasn’t been covered with pesticides, it’s not a genetically modified organism, and it hasn’t been rotting in the produce department for a week (you won’t believe the looks of some moldy tomatoes I’ve witnessed lounging around in produce bins).


            Whole Foods 365 Everyday Value products are not only sold at a reasonable price but they are made with natural and organic ingredients! This is really hard to find because at most grocery stores any product that is listed as being natural and organic is usually more expensive. I have to do a double take when reading the ingredients list because it is ridiculously short. The only word that makes the ingredients list longer is the amazing ‘o’ word, organic!


            Ride For The Future wants to give a huge thanks and bigger hug to Mary Lee Orr (Executive director of Louisiana Environmental Action Network) and Lisa HoLung and her team at the Whole Foods at Woodway in Houston. Their fresh free food donations have powered us through our long journeys and have restored our bodies and mind with nutrients and laughter after long trips. Thank you so so much! WE LOVE WHOLE FOODS!

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