Recouping in Waco

            Ride For The Future was thankful for an extra day in Waco to recover from the long treks we have been taking to our final destination, Dallas. Once we arrived to the Lake Shore Baptist Church we were greeted by the friendliest youth minister Charles Conkin. Charles was not only nice enough to greet us and chat with us about the church and Waco, he picked up groceries for us and stocked us up with energy bars, kale, fruit, and Gatorade powder woot woot! At Lake Shore Baptist Church they have a lovely Peace Garden and encouraged us to compost while we were staying in the Teen House. The Teen House was super cozy and once stepping into the house I felt as though I was a star on That 70’s Show, the furniture was supremely vintage with exclusive patterns. Extremely comfy with a homey touch. Above the foosball table was this poster:Image

After reading it I knew we were staying at the best church. Reverend Sharlande Sledge was kind and brought us a Mediterranean lunch from a local place. We stuffed ourselves with pita, falafel, hummus, baba ganoush, tahini sauce and more! She even ate pizza with us later and met with us early this morning to send us off on our way to Hillsboro. We were very grateful for this kind gesture and greatly appreciated Sharlane’s company, not to mention Whimsy’s company as well (Sharlane’s cute curly dog). We are about to sleep like kings thanks to Marie Ann. She is originally from Hillsboro and was kind enough to get us rooms at a local motel in the area! Instead of calling beds and couches we are all sharing the comfort of a big mattress and puffed pillows. Thanks to the Lake Shore Baptist Church and our kind new friends for making our healing day in Waco a great experience. Dallas in 2 days!!


-Laurie Horning

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