West Bank: Aurora Methodist Church


After our 2 weeks of training with staff, we were on our own as a team and were scheduled to move locations. Farewell First Universalist Unitarian Church of NOLA, hello Aurora Methodist Church West Bank. We left early, and with trailers in tow, headed towards the Canal street ferry. We boarded, crossed the Mississippi  and continued six miles to our new home for the next few nights. We were hot, sweaty, and tired upon arrival and were relieved to be greeted by such a friendly face. We had a quick tour of the EXPANSIVE community quarters and were astonished that it was merely 1pm. You see, waking up at 5:30am really does lengthen your day.

DSC_0076We were doing our part living out our values by keeping the A/C low. The kitchen was the coolest room downstairs; here we are eating our vegan dinner.

DSC_0075DSC_0084After service on Sunday morning we met a new conversation partner. He was a member of the church and is very educated in regards to the Gulf Coast oil and gas industry. We conversed outside the church Sunday morning, and then some more over homemade vegan cinnamon rolls Monday morning. Lots to think about. Here he is debating with Erik below.

DSC_0088Oh and who knew we had a talented vegan baker among us, check out the oatmeal chocolate chip cookies below. they vanished pretty darn fast.

Every Sunday evening at Aurora the youth group meets up, we had the honor of joining them this week. We chatted with some of the coordinators and even had the opportunity to  share our message with the group. This was one of the first times we have been able to meet with a group of people our age and really inspired us.DSC_0079

Thank you Aurora Methodist Church for all the hospitality. Oh and by the way, the Scategory and Catchphrase games in the common room really came in handy !!!

-Dena Yanowski


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