Arriving in Gonzales

After two days of long bike rides we made it to Gonzales, LA. To avoid the heat we leave near 6 in the morning. As a result we arrive in Gonzales way too early to be let in to our lodgings. So we find the community pool and chill out for the next few hours. We were granted free admission after telling the story of Ride for the Future.DSC_0009After a few hours went by, we made our way to St. James Lutheran church. That was when we met Reverend Jonathon Kern. He generously granted us access of the facility for the next two days. Later that evening his wife Adrienne cooked us a good vegan dinner. Their children August, Charlotte, and Annabel also join us.


DSC_0015The next day the Ride for the Future team had a discussion with Reverend Kern about how to, logistically  make the church more environmentally friendly. Ideas range from a compost pile and community garden to some kind of food bank. Reverend Kern also listened to our environmental concerns and what drove us to work with Ride for the future. Next we had a Q and A session about Lutheranism, which was very informative and fair. Later Adrienne and the kids brought us another vegan meal. We had a great time in Gonzales. THANKS KERN FAMILY.DSC_0014DSC_0020read their “wish” for a better future HERE.

Erik Rundquist


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