Hollygrove Market and Farm

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOne of our last group volunteer outings in New Orleans was to Hollygrove Market and Farm (HGMF). HGMF serves as a local community gardening space, a local produce market, and an urban farm. We volunteered at HGMF two consecutive days where we mostly were shoveling and sifting dirt. We were worried this would soon be the trajectory of work we would follow for the rest of our trip, Shoveling for the Future. The work was hard but our site contact Macon Fry, the mentor farmer at HGMF, made the work worth while by teaching us proper sifting techniques and the importance of the work we were doing. Volunteers at HGMF are what keep it going in the community and we were all glad we could help in whatever way we could.

Check out this video of our time at Hollygrove Market and Farm:

For more info about HGMF check out their website: http://www.hollygrovemarket.com

-Ernesto Botello


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