Who We Are


I’m Kaela, and I’m pursuing a BS Applied Arts Activism at Ithaca College. Packing for this trip is strange because as I carefully gather everything I need I find my room is still overflowing with clothes, personal items, various toiletries… I am faced with the fact that these two bags of belongings will fulfill my basic needs for the entire summer. And as I kiss (literally, kiss) my queen-sized bed goodbye, I have to question how what we’re used to changes what we require to be comfortable. I’m ready to be comfortable and uncomfortable, filled with hope and heartache this summer, in our journey through Louisiana into Texas.


My name is Erik and before arriving in New Orleans I was living and studying in Worcester, Massachusetts. Before my arrival I didn’t have much of an idea of what to expect on this trip, but I got on a plane anyways. I decided to take part in Ride for the Future to learn more about how climate change is affecting communities in other parts of the country and I think the journey will be a meaningful experience.

Hola my name is Ernesto. I’m from San Diego, California and just recently graduated from Boston University. I’m excited to learn and share experiences with the other riders on our way to Houston. There’s still a lot I have to learn about climate change and the movement to end our dependence on fossil fuels. I’m hoping this summer will help me learn more about these issues and the communities that have been most affected by them in Louisiana and Texas.

My name is Dena and I graduated college two days before starting my Ride for the Future adventure. I was born into a long line of Texans, many of which make a living in the oil and gas business. Being accepted onto this year’s Ride for the Future team has brought up many personal questions regarding the lifestyle I’ve grown up in. I’m looking forward to finding that middle ground between the culture I’ve been raised in, and the reality of oppression so many people face as a result of today’s Fossil Fuels industry. I’m so very excited to be traveling exclusively by bike, and can only imagine how much I’m going to learn from others and about myself as a result.

My name is Hannah and I just finished my first year at Wellesley College. While growing up in Suches, Georgia I wasn’t involved in any kind of environmental activism. This past year, though, I have been learning a lot about the different kinds of injustices that millions of people are facing around the world, from fracking and toxic waste dumping to food injustices. But I have also been learning about the innovative ways these people are fighting back, demanding justice. So this summer, I am excited to be taking action with 6 other amazing riders as we visit different communities along our ride from New Orleans to Houston. As we become active listeners of these people’s stories and not only learn from them, but work with them as they fight back against the fossil fuel industry.


People call me Daphne and know me as a student that has finished her first year at Mount Holyoke College. The appeal of actively listening to and collaborating with the communities that have been directly affected and oppressed by the fossil fuel industry compelled me to become a Rider for the Future. I’m determined to overcome any uncertainties by physically and mentally challenging myself to act with the intention of working for a better future for the world, which is currently threatened by the climate crisis.

My name is Omar and I was born and raised in Houston. I graduated from St. Edward’s University in Austin with a major in international business last year. Since then, I’ve been pursuing experience involving non-governmental organizations’ impact on legislation. I hope to bring attention to the illegal actions carried out by certain petroleum companies this summer. Most importantly, I hope to motivate entrepreneurial individuals to pursue alternative energy endeavours.




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